December 1, 2016

InfoFaces’ Staffing Service

InfoFaces is a SWAM certified Business Analytics firm, providing Services to North America customers. Our specialty includes, not limited to: Data Science & Support, IT Professional Services/Consulting and IT Staff Augmentation. We understand our customers’ Technical pain points and address them at ease with an exceptional Account Management. Our Staffing/Managed Services includes providing, Full Time Placements, Straight Contractors and Temp-to-Hire Placements for any given IT job openings. InfoFaces Staffing team brings rich experienced Technical Recruiters who can understand the exact technical pulse of any IT job openings and can pre-tech screen any experienced level candidates before presenting them for Hiring Managers review. Our in-house structured database is the key of our recruiters to identify the right fit for any Major and Disruptive technology resources available out in the market.

Our Account Management team understands our clients’ valuable time and takes pro-active measures in qualifying and pipe-lining the right candidates. The team aims at an identical goal to achieve an extraordinary Customers and Candidates satisfaction by providing top-notch Recruiting Services.


InfoFaces values their consultants’ efforts at our customer place and reward them with an exceptional Pay & Benefits model that act as a motivating factor and that helps to have a long-term successful relationship with our candidates!

InfoFaces brings a unique Recruiting approach to attract candidates by providing them a 360 view of clients’ demand on both Technical and Personality expectations to make the deal more potential. Our Recruiters will always stay in touch with our candidates and meet them in-person often for a Coffee/Meal/Happy Hour to ensure our candidates’ satisfaction with their association with InfoFaces.

Whether be a Junior level or an Architect Level, our pay rates/salary have been always very competitive in the marketplace as we understand the importance of our consultants. We have our consultants to enjoy a list of benefits in top of their annual salary along with a Direct Deposit Payroll. InfoFaces is known for the timely processing of payroll with no outstandings to our consultants.

Health & Welfare Insurance:

InfoFaces provides Health Insurance for our Temporary or Part Time workers, and we take the pride of informing the candidates that Health Insurance for consultants are provided to all kinds of workers. We also provide Life Insurance to our W2 Fulltime candidates.

Retirement Savings Plan (401k):

InfoFaces sponsor a Retirement Savings Plan for our employees. Under this plan, our employees can save money toward their retirement with a 4% Employer Match.

Holiday Benefits:

InfoFaces observes paid holidays as New Years’ Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Apart from these candidates enjoys a Two (2) Weeks Paid vacation per year.

InfoFaces Staffing Team exceptionally supports our Clients IT job openings with an extraordinary Account Management practice by providing Fulltime employees, Straight Contractors (Long/Short Term) and Temp-to-Perm employees. Our database is of I9 e-verified W2 employees, C2C resources and 1099 Independent Contractors that are always happy for their partnership with InfoFaces.      


Our passionate experienced Recruiters loves Technology and keep themselves up-to-date on the latest technologies and can interview all levels of candidates by understanding their technology gap with our clients’ demands. Our matured Recruiters will also look at the soft skills of the candidates to ensure the fit in attitude and personality with our clients’ expectations.

Background Verification:

Our Staffing team double checks and make sure that we send only 100% Genuine candidates to our clients by performing an extensive Background Verification, not limited to: Employment, SSN, Education, Reference Check and Criminal Verifications.   

Guarantee & Replacement:

InfoFaces provides all Resources on the Contingent Fee model and in the event the candidate referred by InfoFaces, Inc. voluntarily resigns or is terminated for any cause within Sixty (60) days after the candidate’s services are commenced, InfoFaces, Inc. will endeavour to replace the candidate at no additional charge with another suitable candidate for the same position and compensation. If InfoFaces is unable to replace the individual within Sixty (60) days from notification of the termination, the placement fee charged will be refunded.

Fee Model:

InfoFaces, Inc. will charge a competitive search fee of only 15% to 20% of the candidates’ annual salary for any Full-Time placements. While we have, Contractors starting at $50.00 hourly on C2C.

Flexible Mode of Payment:

All invoices submitted by InfoFaces, Inc. shall be paid under Net 15/30/45 days term, whichever is convenient for the client.