December 7, 2016


InfoFaces Contingent Staffing Services includes: Fulltime Direct Hire, Straight Contractors and Temp-to-Perm Employees. Whether be your need Short-term or Long-term, our Recruiting process fulfill your demands. Our recruiters understand the sense of urgency to fill any positions and will bring the right talents to your table with quick turnover.



Placing full-time permanent resources needs an absolute understanding of customer needs and thus InfoFaces Recruiting team helps our clients achieving their Permanent staffing needs in placing the right people at the right job. Our Account Managers understands our client’s sense of urgency and takes proactive measures to accomplish a team success.

We will make sure to show actual data in candidates’ expectation and will team up with our customer managers to define what information best helps our customers to achieve their objectives.


InfoFaces supplies their Contractors at a very competitive rates to our customers’ short term and long term staffing needs with an exceptional quality in technical expertise. InfoFaces also takes liability in taking care of any specific needs of their contractors and make sure a seamless function of the assigned job.

We also function as a virtual extension of our customers’ human resources organization to screen and place the right talent for any critical temporary needs.


This model of hiring allows our client to evaluate the candidate’s performance on job for any 3 to 6 months before the candidate could be hired permanent. If the hiring occurs before 6 months, the client is obliged to pay one time search fee of 15% to 20% of the 1st year annual salary of the candidate. If the hiring occurs after 6 months, there is no fee shall be paid.

You gain instant access to qualified, pre-screened talent that will have an instant influence on your organization, while preserving the flexibility vital to respond to your business settings.